Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Par-Stats Player Rating?

The Par-Stats Golfer Rating is based upon weighted compilation of Score, Pars, Par Breakers, Approach Shots, Greens-in-Regulation (G.I.R.s), Putts, Pars Lost by Putting and Putts/G.I.R. and is similar to a baseball player's batting average. The system has been designed such that a "bogie golfer" will generally be rated .500+; a "9 handicap golfer" will be rated .600+; a "scratch golfer" will be rated .750+ and touring pros will be rated .900+. Now, instead of vague and ill-defined terms to define how well a golfer's play is, a consistent rating system exists to not only quantify a players game, but to show in precise terms how he is improving.

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