Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Par-Stats Scoring Average?

The number represents a golfer's overall scoring results averaged for either the current golf season or all of the player's scorecards submitted adjusted for a standard par 72 course to provide a uniform measure of comparison.

Since not all golf courses have the same par rating, the Par-Stats Scoring Average is normalized to a standard par 72 course in order to allow a fair measure of comparison for all players throughout the season. In doing so, a player who records scores on par 70 or par 71 courses will not have an unfair advantage in the Rankings from a player who has played only par 72 courses, as a two stroke difference in par represents approximately a 3% advantage. Therefore, the Par-Stats Scoring Average will sometimes be different than the value obtained by simply dividing the sum of the scores of rounds played by the number of rounds played.

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