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Every year countless players spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on golf equipment, lessons, and greens fees with little more to show for their investment than crumpled score cards. Where has your golf history gone?

Be part of the modern tradition in golf. In 1980 the PGA TOUR set a new standard for the game by instituting and tracking player performance statistics for its members. While making and playing the “Big Show” may seem but a distant dream, every golfer can put a touch of the TOUR into their game with the Par-Stats Player’s Advantage.

Imagine knowing your game as well as the pros know theirs with the same competitive TOUR information published in national magazines and presented on broadcasts of professional tournaments, including Birdie & Eagle totals, Greens-In-Regulation, Par-Breakers, Scoring Average, Putts/G.I.R. and much, much more. Not only can you measure your game with the same yardstick as the pros, The Par-Stats Player’s Advantage provides every golfer with a U.S.G.A. compatible handicap.

Par-Stats makes it easy and best of all, the price is right for everyone:

Free Basic Membership
  • PSI Competition Index/Golf Handicap
  • Basic Golf Statistics
  • PSI Top Gun On-Line Stat Rankings
  • Basic Text On-Line Player Biography
  • Basic 12 Month PSI On-Line Round Logbook
Cost: FREE
PSI Platinum Premium Service
  • PSI Competition Index/Golf Handicap
  • Enhanced Tour-Level Golf Statistics
  • PSI Top Gun On-Line Stat Rankings
  • Enhanced On-Line Player Resume with Photo
  • Full Career PSI On-Line Round Logbook
  • Monthly Mailed PSI Executive Stat Report
  • Annual Player's Season Summary Page
  • Priority Service Processing
  • Special Services & Reports Discounts
Cost: $29.00 for 1 Year Service Subscription

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